Regulations of the University-Industry Cooperation

Committee of Tsinghua University

(Revised in April 2000)

Chapter I Name

Art. 1 The name of this committee is ”°The University-Industry Cooperation Committee of Tsinghua University”± (hereinafter referred to as ”°the Committee”±).

  Chapter II Location

Art. 2 The Committee is located on the campus of Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as ”°the University”±).

  Chapter III Nature

Art. 3 The Committee is a non-profit organization promoting the cooperation between Tsinghua University and enterprises and providing services to the industry.

  Chapter IV Purpose

Art. 4 By strengthening the cooperation between the University and industrial enterprises, the Committee will implement the strategy of ”°Revitalizing the Nation through Science and Education”±, promote the establishment of national innovation system integrating technology with economy, and enhance the development of high technology and its industrialization so as to support the social and economic development.

Art. 5 Through the university-industry cooperation, the Committee will study the trends of technology development and the applications of high technology to the national economy, promote the technology transfer so as to make contributions to the technical advancement and upgrading of industrial sector.

Art. 6 Through strengthening ties with society, especially with domestic and international enterprises, the Committee will acquire information about the social, economic and technological development, get supports from all circles to the University's construction, promote the reform of teaching and research system to make the student training and research more fit for the needs of the development in national economic construction, and to speed up the pace of building Tsinghua University into a world-class university.

  Chapter V Organizational Structure

Art. 7 The Chairman of the Committee will be appointed by the University Council. The Committee may invite several advisors depending on the requirements.

Art. 8 The Committee will appoint several Vice Chairmen including one Executive Vice Chairman presiding over the Committee's regular activities.

Art. 9 The heads of relevant administrative departments as well as a certain number of senior professors of the University will be selected as committee members. The committee members will be appointed by the University Council and assigned by the President of Tsinghua University with a term of usually 3 years.

Art. 10 The Committee will invite faculty members, government administrative officials and senior executives from industry as liaison officers of the Committee for a term of 3 years. The engagement and disengagement of liaison officers will be decided by the Chairman of the Committee.

Art. 11 The responsibilities of the liaison officers are: keeping close contacts with enterprises, providing member enterprises with information of university scientific achievements, understanding the situation and needs of the enterprises, exploring potential fields and projects for cooperation, and exchanging idea and experience about effective ways for university-industry cooperation.

Art. 12 An office with full-time and part-time personnel will be set up to perform the daily operation for the Committee. The office will fulfil tasks assigned by the Chairman of the Committee and submit annual report to the University and member enterprises,

  Chapter VI Member Units of the Committee

Art. 13 Enterprises, enterprise groups at home and abroad, and relevant administrative governmental departments can all be the member units of the Committee.

Art. 14 The application procedure to join the Committee will be as follows. The enterprise management people examine and accept the regulations of the Committee, fill out the ”°Membership Registration Form of the University-Industry Cooperation Committee of Tsinghua University”±, and provide the latest information of the enterprise. All the materials will be reviewed by the Committee office first and then submitted to the Executive Vice Chairman of the Committee for signing. A cooperation agreement will be signed, thus the membership is established. The Committee will issue a written notification and a membership medal.

Art. 15 Each member unit shall designate a senior staff as the contact person. The contact person will meet with the liaison officer of the Committee regularly or keep contact with the Committee office, inform the Committee of the current situation of the member unit, and propose projects for cooperation. The Committee office should be notified without delay if the contact person or communication approach is changed.

Art. 16 According to the needs, some member units will be invited as consultant units of the Committee. Leaders of the consultant units will be invited to attend the Committee's relevant meetings, to listen to the reports on the implementation of cooperative projects and to comment on future work.

  Chapter VII Services provided by the University for Member Units

Art. 17 Information services provided by the University include the following.

(1)   The University will regularly distribute among the member units the information about economic and technical development in industries both at home and abroad compiled by the University, reports of the latest research activities on campus, collected papers on research achievements, and publications provided by professors, researchers, laboratories and research centers of the University.

(2)   The Committee will help foreign partners to know the current development of science and technology in China, help domestic partners to learn the advanced scientific and technical achievements in other countries, promote the exchange and cooperation between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises, as well as enterprises and research institutes.

(3)   The Committee will offer active help to the member units in recruiting graduates from the University. The Committee will provide graduates with the information of member units and their needs for new talents.

(4)   The Committee will provide member units with accesses to the Science and Technology Cooperation Network of Chinese Universities (UniTech). Member units will have top priority in searching information on UniTech and releasing their own information on UniTech.

Art. 18 The Committee will invite prominent professors of the University to provide member units with consultation and diagnosis services on R&D, technical renovation, marketing, management and other issues by utilizing the university-owned expertise and information resources. The requirements of the member units will be most favorably considered in technology transfer.

Art. 19 The Committee will send liaison officers and relevant experts to visit the member units to inquire about the needs of enterprises and to work out plans for possible joint projects. The Committee is responsible for finding the best fitting research group or professors of the University to undertake the joint research projects, arranging meetings between the representatives of the member units and relevant experts of the University to discuss the status in the concerned field so as to further explore the possibilities for cooperation.

Art. 20 The Committee will hold high level symposia once or twice a year, focusing on heated topics concerned by enterprises. The Committee can make arrangement for the personnel of member units to attend seminars, workshops and conferences at home and abroad.

Art. 21 In order to serve the technical renovation of enterprises and to train students, the Committee will organize high quality undergraduates and postgraduates to join internships at the member enterprises.

Art. 22 The Committee will invite experts and senior management officials of the member units to the University as visiting scholars and to collaborate in research work. The Committee will also make arrangement for technical personnel of the member units to attend various training and advanced courses at the University or through distance education network.

Art. 23 On demand, the Committee can organize exhibitions or demonstrations in or outside the University for enterprises at home or abroad to launch their new products.

Art. 24 The Committee is responsible for contacting enterprises at home or abroad to discuss such issues as setting up joint facilities for R&D, experimental study, and training, or carrying out specialized training programs on campus.

Art. 25 The Committee can help to organize business trips abroad for enterprise executives. The Committee also provides services for facilitating foreign enterprise executives to visit China and get contact with Chinese enterprises.

  Chapter VIII Membership Fee and its Management

Art. 26 Member units of the Committee shall pay the membership fee each year. The standard is as follows:

Chinese enterprises (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan enterprises and joint ventures) 50000RMB/year

Foreign enterprises 20000USD/year

Membership fee will be waived for Chinese enterprises with donation to the University over 2 million RMB or research fund input over 10 million RMB and foreign enterprises with donation to the University over one million USD or research fund input over 2 million USD.

Art. 27 The Committee will manage the fee according to the national financial regulations. The membership fee can be only used for the Committee's business activities. Financial income and expenditure will de audited independently. Member units have rights to review and comment on the annual report of the Committee.

Art. 28 Any specific contracts of technical consultation, training and R&D projects, organized by the Committee for member units, will be finally signed between the University or relevant project undertakers and the member unit. The fund and costs of the projects will follow the terms of the contracts.

  Chapter IX Appendix

Art. 29 The Committee is authorized to explain this document.

Art. 30 This document will come into force from May 2000, while at the same time the old version is expired.